The second day was like a second bite of cherry for me as I had another chance to focus more on interaction rather than space, but surprisingly in that class the element of space was also present.

Well before moving to that our mentor asked us what is the biggest lie or speculation you ever have heard. I wanted to just switch on the mic and say “ prepare your Maggi in 2 minutes ” but being a silent listener I just paid attention to what others were saying and there were many interesting stories which came out.

As the class proceeded smoothly, conversation from speculation turned to AI and science fiction which took my mind off the track. Not a fan of watching any science-fiction movies at least I was able to raise my hand on the name of avengers.

Proceeding forward to our in class assignment he showed us the book “Travels through South Indian kitchens.” The book was designed in such a beautiful manner that it also takes the attention and interest of people who don’t cook too. The illustrations in the book showed your connectivity and interaction to the space you are using and that is where we got our next assignment.

We were asked to draw the approx. scale plan of our house and mark the area which we use the most and least. Being interested in technical drawings and having actual measures beforehand, drafting the plan was not difficult. But after marking spaces I got to know how my interaction is confined to only a particular small space and few repeated objects in my daily routine after the pandemic. This gave me a new perspective of how everything is designed and arranged in such a way or you arrange it to your wish according to your needs and interaction with the space around you.